About Us


Almost two decades of arranging travel itineraries around the world opens the door to endless possibilities for an unforgettable journey.

Established in 2002 in Davangere, Karnataka State, We have comprehensively built up a worldwide reputation with all our suppliers, travel partners and esteemed customers as a first-class travel service provider. We hold a notable position in the industry for understanding our diverse customers’ varied interest, budget & itinerary.Trusted for nearly 17 years, our loyal customers appreciate our reliable, high quality.services, delivered on time and under budget.

We, at Madhuvana Tours, have been prudent to travellers’ minds and transcend a typical holiday to show the best of the world both culturally & historically, focusing on authentic and innovative experiences; having thus served thousands of clients across Karnataka State & beyond and creating “Journeys of a Lifetime”.

Backed by our customer friendly professional team, we are proud of our flawless on-the-ground service. As a leading outbound tour operator, we owe our success to ourpassionate team. From sales staff to operations executive, every member of our dedicated team is well trained, experienced and proactive in making your travel dreams a reality.

Madhuvana Tours has extensive knowledge of creating experience-led tours,ranging from modest to exclusive incentives and from individual traveller to large group moments, which can be combined in creative ways. Whether it’s staying at a Camp at the heart of South African wildlife or scuba diving into the clear blue seas at Andaman, our local connections and deep understanding of each destination we operate in mean guests come away with authentic experiences they can’t find anywhere else.

We provide comprehensive services for:

Air Ticketing / Hotel Reservations / Holidays / Cruises / Travel Insurance /Passport Services / Visa Assistance

Madhuvana’s holistic approach to pricing, operation management and unique offerings means each experience is tailored to clients’ needs resulting in an unforgettable Journey of a Lifetime.

Innovative products

We don’t settle for just tried and true tours but continually create new products anservices showcasing the best experiences around the world and adding value to all products, particularly in saturated or rapidly shifting markets.

Unrivalled choice and value

One-of-a-kind offerings and competitive rates, combined with expert service, make travelling with Madhuvana the best choice. If you can’t find what you’re looking for,be assured we’ll work with you to meet any request or budget.